dec 12 post

ImageWe discussed 25 buildings in class today and went over the political, social, and cultural conditions of them. We went into great detail about Whitehall classroom which is the building of my choice for this post. The political designs from the past influence the present. The building was created at a time when studying classics was important in the early century of design. The building symbolizes this early century design of the 19th and 20th century. It was built as a result from the late 60s to early 70s strife. Whitehall was created as a lock-down building that is internalized, with the rooms having no windows. The concrete blocking makes it impermeable in response to the Kent State shooting. When the shooting occurred, UK wanted a way to protect students and therefore built Whitehall the way it stands today. The concrete use is most important because had the architects and designers used bricks, they could have been used to throw at people, like Professor Lucas mentioned in class. In a social aspect, this is were classes are taught and students go daily to learn and become educated in a series of material. My personal experience in Whitehall has been in this Interior Design 162 course throughout this semester. I have gained knowledge in this building far beyond what I came into it knowing. My level of understanding of designs and designers has greatly increased.


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