Italy place- dec 5 post

In the beginning of Interior Design, we talked a lot about the romantic city of Italy. We first discussed Rome, a centrality of ultimate authority. We also drew a diagram to bring all of our ideas of centrality together. One diagram is three rectangular horizontal boxes and then four vertical boxes perpendicular. The other is a circle (centrality) with a line going down the middle and another line going across to divide the circle. The city of Pompeii, Italy was buried by lava from Mount Vesuvius. The House of Vettii in Pompeii is a luxurious residence (domus) preserved like the rest of the Roman city. We also talked about several basilicas in Venice, Italy such as the Basilica San Marco which has evolved since the 10th century and the Basilica of il redentore by Andrea Palladio. The reason that Italy is the place I chose and is important to me and my place through design is my own experience traveling to the country itself. I visited Italy when I was very young so I was not able to comprehend all of the complex basilicas and history of Pompeii. Now that we have explored the preservation and history of Pompeii and Venice I hope to be able to return one day and take in the immaculate architecture and styles of European design. Since I have visited this place, I find it extremely important to my place in the world of design.


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