autobiography essay w/ 10 images attached

For this assignment we are to complete a 500 word essay including our ten images reflecting a material, object, space, building, and place. For my first images I have chosen spaces. The first space is Newtown Crossing. Newtown Crossing is the apartment complex in which I currently reside. The image below shows the pool located at Newtown. I chose this as my space because it is where I live and spend my time studying. Newtown is my first experience living in an apartment and think this is important to my story.        The second space I chose is my actual room in Newtown. It shows my bed and monogrammed wall décor. This space is important to my story as well because it is where I sleep, watch tv, and sometimes study. It is my own space, which I like because I don’t have to share it.

ImageThe third image I have chosen for my place. It is a picture of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina close to where I am from- Wilmington. This place is important to me because I grew up here living and playing on this beach. I also fished off the pier in the image and always got to see family on beach outings. I think where you are from begins your story and therefore plays an important role as well.

The second choice for my place is University of Kentucky. My school links to my story because it is where I chose to go to college and my first college experience. Education completes my story because it is valued deeply in my family. The four years I will spend here will be once in a lifetime memories. The next image is a building. I chose Whitehall classroom building because it is where I have most of my classes, including Interior Design 162. I spent many hours in this building and it links to the image of University of Kentucky where I learn and am educated. It is not a very appealing building design wise, which corresponds with its function of education.

The second building is Gold Star Chili. I chose this building because it is right across from my apartment and my favorite restaurant. I have never had Gold Star Chili before coming to UK. We do not have these restaurants in my town and the new experience of it has been a great one.

The first object I have chosen is the Eames chair. I chose this because of the high regard the Eames’s work has and how much we discuss their work in class. We have drawn this chair and will have to memorize it for the exam. This image links with the Whitehall classroom building and University of Kentucky because it is where I first learned about the Eames’s work. The second object I have chosen is my car. It reflects the weather in Kentucky as well as my license plate from NC. This is my mode of transportation and how I get around campus. It is unique to my story because most license plates in Kentucky are from here, whereas mine is from out of state.

My first material is the cashmere material of my gloves. This material is extremely fine and made from cashmere goats. The wool keeps my hands warm in the winter in Kentucky where it can get below freezing.

My second material is the glass cup. The hard material of glass can be easily breakable. I have dropped one in my apartment which links to Newtown Crossing. Overall, all of my images have mostly been taken while I have attended UK this year. I feel that they tell my story accurately and reflect my life to date.


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