nov 14 post

In the 1960s, the decade was a time of development. International could have meant being black because race was a heated topic at the time. Martin Luther King was also assassinated during this time in 1968. The African-American civil rights movement definitely had to do with being international in the 60s. The whites were probably considered national to the US during this time and because of white supremacy. Blacks were considered international and not native to US and to whites because they were hated for their skin color. Civil disobedience occurred until 1968 in the Civil Rights movement. African Americans migrated during the 60s out of the South in hope of better conditions. To be global can mean you are a world traveler or that you come from a variety of different countries. If you are diverse in any way such as your origin or family background you may also be considered global. Global and International can be used interchangeably. Global is considered one world while international would mean different places. The word international was actually adopted in French in 1801. Global also involves the entire earth.


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