nov 7 blog commercial vs residential structure

In building in the commercial world, the challenge of making buildings more eco-friendly is more acute than in the residential real estate sphere. Commercial structures are much larger than residential and thus diverges from the residential sphere by environmental impact. Commercial structures are diverged from residential spheres because of not only the size but also how many locations and how spread a part they are. Commercial buildings that I am talking about would be office buildings, warehouses, or retail/convenience stores. Convenience stores are located everywhere and some are even side by side in competition. Businesses also must be located in a commercial area for commerce and this also diverges from residential spheres as homes can be placed in any location. ImageThe first image is a commercial structure in Japan. It is an assembled commercial post and beam structure near Nagasaki City. The image depicts how large it is and how much space it actually takes up as compared to a residential structure. When finished, the commercial building will be completed as a Canadian log
building. ImageThe next picture is a residential structure. In contrast to the commercial structure in Japan, this structure is very small and does not take up as nearly as much space as the commercial structure. To compare the two structures, you can see that there construction being done in both images. It appears almost to be a hot tub or some sort of cover being worked on with wood. The residential structure looks to be situated in a neighborhood due to the grass. The commercial structure was probably located out on a landfill or some piece of land that is far away from any residential areas or main areas/cities. The enormity of the space the commercial building takes up is the biggest contrast to be noted.


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