Furnishings before/after American war for independence

America most definitely had a different view during its colonial period. First of all, the American colonial economy was export driven. We mostly participated in trading goods and less on importing them. Montgomery writes about the year of 1776 before the American revolutionary war and during the golden age of American furniture making. My view of American furniture as the richest furniture in America links with Montgomery’s thoughts as well. Montgomery and I both view silk goods as symbols of success during the time before the war. The American chippendale chairs reveal cultural preferences and regional differences in their construction and design. Mahogany wood was the most popular for high city style furniture from 1760-1790. Walnut also continued to be used as well as native woods. Still before the war, plain conservative furniture was used in America also known as the “Queen Anne” style. Chests and drawers were still used in the 18th century usually painted with pots of flowers. After the American revolutionary war for independence, I found furnishings that were more coarse and heavier Empire stylings declining. Montgomery and I both believe that much finer furniture was produced in British America prior to 1776 and furniture produced in each colony reflected local preferences. Also at the end of the war, rocking chairs were introduced.¬†


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