expressions of faith in glass + stone

Having actually been and visited Cologne, Germany as well as climbing to the top of the cathedral, I am able to give specific details of the cathedral and Gothic style. Both the exterior and interior of the cathedral represent an extreme “German” structure involving buttresses in the exterior of the cathedral. The entrance to the cologne cathedral differs from the salisbury cathedral by the spirals. The cologne cathedral as two spirals at the entrance while the salisbury has one. The exterior of the Salisbury cathedral involves a more Romanesque style whereas the Cologne cathedral was built upon an urban site that is constrained. The interior of both cathedrals are extremely similar and the ceilings are almost identical to one another. The German buttresses characterize the English building. The interiors of both cathedrals share the extreme verticality and strong arches of Gothic style. This means that the Gothic style was prominent in both England and Germany. The exteriors of the cathedrals are different merely due to site constraint.


One thought on “expressions of faith in glass + stone

  1. sabrina

    What do you think the “extreme” German structure symbolized? How does it reflect society at the time? Go deeper, rather than just giving us a visual description.


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